Small homes with a big heart…

We have built a network of seven award-winning nursing homes in scenic locations around Ireland, including Cork, Kerry, Kilkenny and Galway. We have been delivering high-quality nursing home care since 2014. We believe everyone deserves a happy home and our mission is to build happy homes for all our residents.

We achieve this mission by developing warm, trusting relationships, not just with our residents but with their friends and families, and with the communities around us. As a resident in our nursing home, you’ll be able to keep living your life to the full and contributing to the lives of the people around you.

Core Values

We’ve developed a strong set of core values that help us deliver on our mission for our homes. These include:

  • Home –we offer you a place where you feel welcome and where you belong.
  • Hospitality –we give you those essential ingredients of food, shelter and warmth that make us feel cared for.
  • Community – we’ll keep you connected to the family, friends and neighbours who help us feel loved.
  • Respect – we value who you are, so we will always take your wishes into account. Above all, we will help you to recognise your unique value and worth.
  • Security – you will always feel protected and safe at our nursing homes.

Our People

Our nursing homes are very well-staffed, with teams of dedicated, knowledgeable and highly qualified people. Our healthcare staff will look after your mind and body. We are also well connected to healthcare professionals in the community, such as doctors and chiropodists, who can offer extra care when you need it. Our teams of housekeeping, administration, maintenance and catering professionals keep life in the nursing home running smoothly and make them pleasant places to live in.

Our staff have great expertise, but excellent care goes beyond that. Our care philosophy is centred on you. We will treat you with dignity, respect and compassion. We will listen to you, what you need and want, and you will be the person who makes decisions about every aspect of your care. The strong relationships we build with every resident allows us to care for you in a very personal way. With our help, you will keep living the life you want to live.

Find out more about what you can expect from life at a Ditchley Nursing Home.

Working with Ditchley Care

We are hiring talented individuals who are passionate about care of the elderly. If you or someone you know would like to work with us as a Healthcare Assistant or Nurse please get in touch.

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