Ditchley Group Acquires Talacare

Posted in News on 10th February 2018


An integral part of the delivery of care to the elderly is the development of Primary Care Centres. Primary Care Teams, that comprise of GPs, Public Health Nurses, General Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Counsellors, Nutritionists, Home Care Staff, Social Workers and Social Care Staff, deliver an integrated package of services to a defined population.

Government Health policy continues to recognise the importance of new primary care infrastructure to the delivery of modern, primary care services and encourages the involvement of private sector investment to help achieve this policy. In 2015 Talacare Limited developed Ireland’s first Academic and Primary Care Centre in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin. The Centre is fully operational since September 2016. Ditchley Group completed the acquisition of Talacare in June 2017 and Talacare will continue to operate and manage the Academic and Primary Care centre at Tallaght Cross.The Academic and Primary Care Centre occupies 6,500 square metres (70,000 square feet) over 8 levels comprising a 5-storey Primary Care Centre of 4,000 square metres and a 3-storey Institute of Population Health of 2,500 square metres. Significant underground car parking facilities are also provided.

GPs and the Health Service Executive deliver primary care services to the local area. The Health Service Executive operates a regional audiology centre from the building. A further 500 square meters (5,500 square feet) has also been developed to accommodate a GP Out of Hours Service and administrative services. The GP Out of Hours facility is operated by TLCDoc and incorporates the out of hours service provision of 45 GPs in the Tallaght and Clondalkin areas.

The Academic Centre accommodates Trinity College’s Institute of Population Health.
Visit Talacare Academic and Primary Care Centre (APCC) www.talacare.ie