The Company

The Ditchley Group story began in 2016 when we opened our first nursing home in County Cork, and we welcomed our first resident to live with, and be cared for, by us. Now managing 360 resident beds in 7-homes across Ireland, with a further 40 beds under construction, due to open in June 2019.

The aim of the Group is to develop and provide high-quality care facilities that meet the needs of its occupants, service users, families and communities. We are committed to delivering resident-focused services by creating an atmosphere in which residents feel safe and free to express their needs.

The Ditchley Group management team brings together a number of different skillsets ensuring the necessary medical and commercial expertise is in place. We have developed a comprehensive system of governance to provide effective clinical and operational management, supported by the necessary policies and procedures based on best practice.

Each Ditchley Group property is operated on a daily basis by an experienced local management team, ensuring that residents are valued, treated as individuals, and given a positive social environment.